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With your own organic vegetable garden, orchard or herb garden, you will know healthy food, its true freshness and be astounded by its flavour. You will also understand the importance of caring for the earth, how enjoyable it is to connect with others in a local food culture and you will also save on your food bill.

You can tend an urban garden bed, propagate in pots, on a balcony or rooftop, create your own hobby farm, run a community garden, coordinate a school garden or even operate a commerically sustainable urban farm.

Happily, anyone can be a successful food gardener. Of course, we can all use a bit of help to be our best. That''s where Cityfood Growers comes in.

For many people, it will be expert support to get started in the first place. For others, it''s more advanced assistance to build their organic gardening performance, learning extra skills, to grow more and better food. For organisations, it will be integrating urban agriculture into their communities. Our services include:

  • Organic Gardener Subscription – Giving you easy access to a huge resource of localised and expert knowledge for Australia, USA, NZ and the UK on organic food growing. Get your answers fast at the click of mouse, saving you time and money with your organic gardening and improving your productivity. Join our community of global food gardeners.


  • Urban agriculture consulting – Urban agriculture strategy, design and implementation services for large scale property developments, organisations, communities, governments and individuals. Educational workshops in organic and biodynamic growing. Corporate workshops and public speaking engagements on urban agriculture and organic food growing.  More information here.

  • Wall Garden - Bulk supply of Wallgarden planter boxes, ideal for growing food and ornamental plants. To discuss bulk pricing benefits through Cityfood Growers reseller status, contact us here. For more information on Wallgarden, visit here.

Peter Kearney, founder of Cityfood Growers
Peter Kearney, Cityfood Growers

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