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Preparation name

Biodynamic preparation - BD 508 - Equisetum arvense

How to make

Content: Equisetum arvense or horse tail
Procedure This plant has a very high silica content. After harvesting the leaves and stalks in spring and drying them, there are two methods to make the preparation:

  • Mix the dried plant and clean water together at the rate 100g of plant to 2 litres of water. Bring it to boil and then let it simmer in a covered pan for 20 minutes and once cooled leave it stand for two days before using.
  • Soak the leaves in cold water for two weeks.

You will know when the preparation is ready to use after these methods, as it has a good smell.
Storage: You can store the dried plant in a dry place for extended times. For the made up preparation, avoid exposure to light and keep cool. Store in a  tightly stoppered container. Fermentation gases may need to be vented from time to time.

Reasons for use

Equisetum is used to reduce the effects of excessive water around plants that would lead to fungus. It is the high percentage of silica in the plant that works on lowering the impacts of moisture.

How to apply

High moisture times: Application at any times of high moisture when you have plants more susceptible to fungus. Especially important to prepare for times of ascending moon to full moon and coinciding with a perigee, when the moon forces on earth are very strong and create potential for high moisture levels.
It can also be used regularly as part of your general fertility practices in your garden or orchard.
For 1 acre – use 1/3 of a litre of preparation in 7.5 litres of water. Thus, 1 acre would require about 20gms of equisetum plant.
For a household block – use 1/6 of a litre of preparation in 3.75 litres of water. Thus, 1 houseblock would require about 10gms of equisetum plant.
If you plan for multiple applications over time, which would be helpful for general fertility of your garden, then multiply these quantities by the number of times in a year you intend to use it.
How to apply: Stir the the equisetum in clean water in a vortex fashion, same as BD500, for half an hour and then spray it out using a back pack or hand sprayer depending on your size of land.

Country alternatives

In Australia, sheoak leaves are used as an alternative to equisetum


As an alternative to making this BD preparation, I suggest buying it already made up from the Biodynamic association in your country, see our BD Resources page for a listing. It is available as the dried plant or as a concentrate.

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