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Agriculture lectures

Rudolf Steiner

Antipodean Astro planting calendar

Brian Keats

Biodynamic gardening – For health and taste

Hilary Wright

Biodynamic gardening and Farming – Vol 1-3

Ehrenfried Pfieffer

Companion planting

Philbrick & Gregg

Culture and Horticulture – A philosophy of gardening

Wolf. D. Storl

Gardening for life – The Biodynamic Way

Maria Thun

Grasp the Nettle

Peter Proctor

Grow a garden and be self sufficient

Ehrenfried Pfieffer

Nutrition and health

Rudolf Steiner

Secret life of plants

Tompkins and Bird

Studying the Agriculture Course

J Soper

The Biodynamic treatment of fruit trees, berries and shrubs

Ehrenfried Pfieffer

Weeds and what they tell

Ehrenfried Pfieffer


Biodynamic Agriculture Australia

Australian Biodynamic Grower body

Biodynamic Farming and Gardening

USA Biodynamic Association site

Biodynamic Agriculture Association

UK Biodynamic Association

Biodynamic Farming NZ

New Zealand Biodynamic gardening & farming

Demeter international

Global body of Demeter Biodynamic standards

India Biodynamic Association

India Biodynamic Association

Biodynamic research

Institute for Biodynamic Research

IBDF, Germany

Research Institute of Organic Agriculture

FiBl, Switzerland

The Josephine Porter Institute for Applied Biodynamics


Michael Fields Agricultural Institute


Biodynamic Research Institute

SBFI, Sweden

Biodynamic Research Association of Denmark

BRAD, Denmark

Other interesting resources


European Alliance of Initiatives for Applied Anthroposophy

Sekem farm

Sekem farm in Egypt – an inspirational Biodynamic initiative


An excellent general Biodynamic research web site and active BD forum

BD Now

Biodynamic online mailing list

With Intent

Australian Biodynamic Pepper Supplier – 61 3 54272286


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