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Monday January 30, 2012
Post Title: Biodynamic Agriculture Australia partnering with Cityfood Growers  

With the aim of supporting the expansion of urban food growing and the use of biodynamic gardening practices, Cityfood Growers and Biodynamic Agriculture Australia Limited (BAA Ltd) have combined in a promotional partnership to provide more value to their respective memberships.

BAA Ltd is providing a 20% discount on its yearly garden membership to paid subscribers of Cityfood Growers. Whilst BAA Ltd members receive a 20% discount on the yearly Gardener subscription of Cityfood Growers.

Using biodynamic methods and preparations creates deeper topsoil, increases root mass and depth, increases carbon capture and water holding capacity of soils, improves plant health and raises the yield and flavour of all farm and garden produce.

Biodynamic Agriculture Australia Ltd promotes and supports this proven and field-tested form of regenerative agriculture and gardening throughout Australia. BAA Ltd runs workshops and field days, provides information via their website, their journal and advisory service and makes quality biodynamic preparations for all. BAA Ltd garden members receive up to 33% discount on biodynamic preparations.

Having developed an understanding of biodynamics over many years of practice and study and contemplated how it compares to organics, I can see that with the growing interest of city dwellers in organic gardening, there is a great opportunity with this BAA Ltd partnership to work biodynamic gardening practices into this blossoming urban agriculture movement”. Peter Kearney, Cityfood Growers.

For more information about BAA Ltd and this promotional partnership, contact Cheryl Dooley, marketing coordinator for BAA Ltd on (02) 6655 0566

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Peter Kearney, Cityfood Growers

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