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Tips and questions on dealing with animals in around cities used for food or impacting food production

Threads 5 Posts 29 Last Post November 09, 2010 04:21AM
Biodynamic gardening

Specific questions and comments relating to the use of biodynamic gardening

Threads 9 Posts 39 Last Post January 03, 2014 10:37PM

Tips and questions about creating and using Compost in your garden

Threads 14 Posts 48 Last Post October 01, 2016 05:13PM
Container growing

Questions and comments on how and what to groww in containers and how to maintain plant health

Threads 9 Posts 24 Last Post February 16, 2014 07:21PM
Fruit trees

For your general questions on fruit tree growing

Threads 6 Posts 24 Last Post June 03, 2014 02:52AM
Garden planning

Content on garden bed size, bed orientation, soil preparation and bed types

Threads 14 Posts 61 Last Post April 17, 2015 06:07AM
Growing food in early childhood

A resource of questions and tips on growing food with children in early childhood learning environment as well as in the home

Threads 1 Posts 2 Last Post September 01, 2011 05:14AM

Content focus on when and how to harvest your garden crops to get the best results

Threads 3 Posts 9 Last Post April 30, 2011 06:06AM
Native food plants

Questions and suggestions on growing native food plants

Threads 1 Posts 3 Last Post October 09, 2015 12:59AM
Pest Management

Questions and content on common food plant pests, how they impact plants and natural controls to reduce their impact

Threads 11 Posts 32 Last Post July 16, 2013 06:25AM
Plant health

Questions and content on plant diseases, the impact of these diseases and how you can deal with them.

Threads 6 Posts 26 Last Post March 22, 2012 08:57PM

Covers any questions or comments on specific plants as well as planting techniques, planting times and recognition of planetary influences

Threads 20 Posts 63 Last Post October 26, 2012 05:40PM

For favourite recipe's gardeners are using with their own produce.

Threads 4 Posts 5 Last Post June 18, 2010 05:39AM
Seed saving

Questions and comments on seed saving techniques

Threads 2 Posts 7 Last Post May 09, 2011 07:30AM
Soil Health

Content, questions and issues on the importance of soil health and methods to improve soil health

Threads 11 Posts 44 Last Post May 03, 2013 02:01AM
Water management

Questions and issues on how to manage water usage in your garden

Threads 1 Posts 3 Last Post June 11, 2011 08:48AM
Weed control

Techniques, suggestions and questions on controlling weeds and methods of using them to your advantage

Threads 2 Posts 6 Last Post April 17, 2011 06:40AM

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