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Get healthier, save money, connect with others and improve the environment with our low Organic Gardener Subscription.
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Since 2008, our web site has provided tens of thousands of gardeners around the world with relevant, timely and localised content on growing food with organic methods. For a low yearly fee, our Organic Gardener Subscription provides you with the following benefits:

  • Saves you time - Finding the right knowledge to suit your food growing space, experience, soil and local climate can be very time consuming. With easy searches, our Organic Gardener Subscription ties together detailed growing information on 300 food plants into your local climate and provides comprehensive instructional material with monthly updates on building and maintaining food gardens.
  • Saves you money - You can save at least $10-$50 per week growing your own compared to buying organically grown food. You can save more by appropriate plant selection for your climate, garden design to suit your space and low input garden management methods. At every step, our Organic Gardener Subscription guides you to get more value for your food gardening $'s. All for $49 yearly.
  • Increases your garden productivity - By combining timely and relevant knowledge personalised to your local climate in the site, you will be more productive. Tracking tools are available to help record your progress. Extensive content is provided on managing pests and diseases with organic methods for each crop, combined with crop based recommendations for companion planting and crop rotation.
  • Improves your health - Working with organic methods in your food garden, getting out into the sunlight, having your hands in the dirt and then eating the beautiful fresh food, provides the healthiest sustenance you will find and nourishes the soul.

"The Cityfood Growers website is a fantastic resource
for anyone wanting to grow their own food.
- Mary Trigger, Sustainable Gardening Australia
See more subscriber comments here and a detailed description of the Organic Gardener Subscriber site features here. Join our community of organic gardeners now.
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