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Preparation name

Biodynamic compost preparation – BD 502 - Yarrow

How to make

Content: Yarrow plant flowers
Procedure To make 502, the yarrow flowers are cut from the plants in summer or autumn and dried for use in the following spring. When spring has approached, place the dried yarrow flowers into a stags bladder. The bladder must be waterproof so you may need to stitch it up. Hang the bladder in a  tree facing the sun. In the following autumn take the bladder down and then bury the bladder in the soil within an earthen container. It will be ready to use in the spring of that year. When you dig it up, the bladder will have rotted but not the flowers.
Storage: The contents should be stored in a cool dark place. Ideally in a glass jar or earthen container in peat or soil away from any chemicals. The container should be loose fitting to let in air.  Its important that the mixture has a little moisture in it, so if its very dry, add a few drops of rainwater.

Reasons for use

It brings light forces into the soil via its connection with sulphur,  helping spirit to penetrate matter and enables it to attract trace elements. Important for reproduction and growth. Venus forces are said to manifest in yarrow.

How to apply

In compost: Use whenever you are making a biodynamic compost. This could be at any time of the year, but there are ideal times to make compost which are indicated on a biodynamic planting calendar.
Quantity: The quantity needed in a normal garden compost heap of say 1 cubic metre (one tonne) is very small (1/10 of a teaspoon), when you consider that 1 gram or 1 teaspoon is sufficient to make 10 tonnes of compost.
How to apply: Place the preparation in a ball of cow manure and insert it into a hole (made with a stake when you finisih building the heap) in the completed compost heap. This hole should be about ½ metre into the top of the heap. The hole will be part of a circle of holes for the other preparations and be in the middle of the heap.

Country alternatives



The whole yarrow plant can also be used as a liquid manure where potassium and selenium are needed in the soil. The plant is also useful as a border plant for garden beds, aiding general fertility and is excellent as a health giving tea.
As an alternative to making this BD compost preparation, I suggest buying it already made up from the Biodynamic association in your country, see our BD Resources page for a listing.

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